A critical piece to tribal knowledge management in enterprises


Email is the de facto form of communication in the business world. According to the market analysis group Radicati, in year 2013, 929 million corporate mailboxes generated roughly 100 billion emails every day. Moreover, despite all the talk about an imminent demise of email, corporate usage of this medium is expected to grow over coming years. Unfortunately, this most pervasive corporate application is more or less untapped by current enterprise knowledge management tools.

At an individual level, an average employee receives about 150 emails per day, among which about 50 include attachments. Further exacerbating the issue is corporate email retention policies which often conflicts with the needs to preserve corporate knowledge.

So the critical question is – how are your employees able to save and retrieve important information about products, customers, and peers? Are they able to access useful data from years before with ease? If not, then efficiency is being affected.

Nimeyo Inc. recently helped a publicly traded company with a global team of sales engineers deal with a similar issue. The company relied on email communication, particularly inter- and intra-departmental mailing lists like ask-se, ask-experts to triage and resolve customer issues. Unfortunately, the rich set of knowledge hidden in these raw email threads was unusable due to lack of technical solutions to analyse and search. This resulted in iterative and repetitive work that wasted time and effort, reducing efficiency of the team. Nimeyo’s qPod, using its email analysis engines, converted 3+ years of email content into a functional knowledge that provided superior search, usability, and mobility to the world-wide team of field engineers. Moreover, qPod provided bookmarking and personalized search for efficient knowledge retrieval. Finally, qPod continuously refreshed knowledge as new email content got generated, allowing users to stay in the medium they were comfortable with.

If your company is struggling with repetitive discussions on previously explored and resolved topics, if your email systems are in a mess, contact us and see how Nimeyo can help improve your team’s efficiency.

Our product – qPod – solves this exact problem. It is a knowledge base that seeds itself from information that is already around, and more importantly, it continuously refreshes itself as new information flows through various communication channels like email, social feeds, and chat rooms.

If your sales force can use a software that actually helps them do their job better, sign up for the free trial of qPod.